Frequently asked questions

How do electric bikes work?

E-bikes run on an electric motor that draws power from the lithium battery pack. Most electric bikes can be propelled forward by manually pedalling, using the throttle in addition to pedalling, or using just the throttle. Each Murf Electric Bike has all three modes built in.

Am I able to test ride a Murf?

Sure! Cruise by our shop at 44-46 Ourimbah Rd, Tweed Heads NSW 2485 if you would like to test one out. No need to book just come and say hey.

How long does a bike take to charge?

5-6 hours from empty.

How long until I need to buy a new battery?

With proper care, the batteries can last approximately 700-1000 full cycles. As with other lithium-ion batteries (your phone or laptop computer), they hold less charge over time. Just think of the electric bike battery like a car battery. Different chemistry same concept. As an example, if you rode your Murf an average of three times a week you can expect to get roughly 5 years out of it.

Can I charge the battery from a normal outlet?

Yep, the included charger plugs into any normal wall outlet.

Does Murf come with warranty?

We are proud to offer the original owner a 2 year / 1,000km limited warranty with each Murf e-bike. This covers both the bike and battery from any manufacturing defects. We are always happy to answer any questions and work with you to resolve any issues that pop up.

We take care of everything in-house. If you ever have an issue just bring it by the shop and we'll handle it.

Please note warranty is only valid for the original retail purchaser, warranty is non-transferable.

Do I need a licence or insurance?

A license and insurance are not needed in Australia for E-bikes. The Wikipedia article "Electric Bikes Laws" is a solid source, but always check your local/state laws for the most up-to-date information. In case anything happens to your bike we highly recommend registering your Murf with us. Register your Murf HERE

Are Murf Electric Bikes road legal?

Our bikes are available at a restricted speed of 25kms and also at an unrestricted speed of up to 40kms, depending on the model of bike.  The unrestricted option is available for customers to choose and use at their discretion on private property only.